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CP autosport GmbH sticks to the location Bueren: The company currently employing 150 employees gave a joint press conference with the city of Bueren and announced the planning of the construction of their new headquarters. A total of 10 million Euros will be invested in the project.

New headquarters in the industrial park Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport will emerge. On a property with an area of just under 24,000 square meters acquired by the city of Bueren, an ultra-modern production facility with administrative wing in front will be constructed on 8,000 square meters. The start of construction is planned for the fourth quarter of 2014, a year later, the expanding company, which already has its headquarters in the Airport Business Park, will move into the new site. "Future expansion for the realization of future growth potential is possible without any problems and has been taken into account in the construction concept. We have planned this new building investment sustainably and with strategic vision", said CEO Thomas Casey. The management of the construction project was transferred to Hans-Joachim Pillich, who was already responsible for the construction of the presentation- and test track Bilster Berg Drive Resort in Bad Driburg. Local companies should be commissioned with the work on the new headquarters, if possible.

Presented the new plans of the CP autosport GmbH (left to right): Hans -Joachim Pillich (Project Manager), Matthias Popp (President CP autosport), Burkhard Schwuchow (Mayor City Bueren), Thomas Casey (CEO CP autosport)

Presented the new plans of the CP autosport GmbH (left to right): Hans -Joachim Pillich (Project Manager), Matthias Popp (President CP autosport), Burkhard Schwuchow (Mayor City Bueren), Thomas Casey (CEO CP autosport).

Bueren Mayor Burkhard Schwuchow was delighted about the successful conclusion of the contract: "I am very happy that the CP autosport GmbH has now finally decided for the location Bueren after about two years of the joint planning phase." With the CP autosport GmbH, an innovative and forward-looking company with currently 150 jobs, which has also been socially-committed as a training company and sponsor for quite some time, remains in the city. In this context, Thomas Casey explained that several local possibilities were taken into account. "Finally, we chose the optimal location for us here in Bueren in the industrial area at the airport", said Casey, adding: "We see the city Bueren as a very good partner and with our staff rooted in the region, we feel very comfortable and perfectly- supported."

Matthias Popp, President of CP autosport, pointed out the optimal conditions of the region: "It is worth looking on East Westphalia: CP autosport, the Bilster Berg Drive Resort, the airport, the university with the currently formed Fraunhofer Institute – all this offers a great work environment. All in all, we place great emphasis on a high level of training and skilled workers - both is absolutely given here in this region."

CP autosport develops, manufactures and sells high-tech components and complete solutions for the automotive industry, motor sports and for private clients. For 2014, a turnover of more than 20 million Euros is expected. The company also has a branch at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort: There, CP autosport is present as a technical partner. Concerning the current situation and the future strategy, Thomas Casey explained: "We are in a very good economic development with a high level of orders and for the coming years we expect a sustainable annual growth." In the course of this, the company is also aiming for new markets and business areas: "Our products and services are now demanded also outside Europe, for example in Asia and in the U.S.", said Casey, adding: "In addition to our core business, own products will complete the range of services - we are developing more and more from a pure service provider to a provider of technologically advanced complete solutions."

Facing such a development, Bueren Mayor Schwuchow sees positive impact on the whole environment: „These future prospects are also very important for the neighboring airport Paderborn -Lippstadt." After all, this can only benefit from any prosperous business in the area.


31 Jan 2014


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